Why I’m voting “no” this time on Denver bond issue

Denver officials are asking voters to approve $937 million in bonds for hundreds of projects, including transportation, parks, libraries, city buildings and cultural institutions.

I have lived in Denver since 1975, and don’t recall ever voting against a bond issue. This year I am voting “no” on every measure except Question 2B, because I don’t trust the mayor and City Council to be proper stewards of that much money. You only have to look at the abuse of the drainage fee to be scared to give these people almost $1 billion to play with.

With 2B, for cultural facilities, there will be representatives of the facilities involved in spending the money, which should limit the hanky panky of the mayor and council.

The pro campaign is also dishonest, in a subtle way, when they say there will be no increase in tax rates. While true, an honest administration would tell voters that they will pay more in taxes because their assessed valuations have gone up.

Denver voters are generally supportive of bond issues. Denver elected officials could be honest with them and still win, but they don’t trust the voters.

Bill DeGroot, Denver

The writer is a retired manager of floodplain management for the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District, which covers the Denver metro area.

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