Two More Top Denver Restaurants That Serve Up Great Food

Are you ready to read about two more Denver restaurant picks that beg your attention? You already know that the capital city of Colorado has thousands of restaurants, and we have virtually visited quite a few. I want to grab two really unique picks for you so that you find a reason to make sure you visit them. Let’s see what we’ve got in the form of two more top restaurants in Denver, Colorado.

Piatti Denver is one of my two picks, and it is because of how good the pizza looks. There are a ton of pizza places in Denver, but this one is certainly a good one. It is located on Saint Paul Street, and you can enjoy other delicious Italian eats there, too. One reviewer describes the food as fresh and traditional. Need I say more?

Now let’s look at the other Denver restaurant I have picked out for you. It is called Tocabe, and it is located on the corner of 44th and Lowell. Have you ever tried Native American cuisine? You are talking about Indian tacos, fry bread, bison ribs and much more. What is fry bread? Reviewers say that you need to try it, and evidently the nachos are great, too.

The first Denver restaurant was great, but that second one really has my attention. It’s not every day that you get to eat at a restaurant that serves up Native American cuisine. It seems like you are certainly in for a treat if you visit Tocabe. As a matter of fact, I think that is my favorite Denver restaurant yet, would you agree? Of course, you can only confirm that if you are willing to go give it a try. Make sure you don’t forget about Piatti Denver though because that pizza sure looked delicious.

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