Top Denver Colorado Restaurants With Unique Names

Denver restaurants could be covered over multiple articles. There are currently 2,408 of them to be exact, so let’s grab seven of some of the top restaurants that have unique names. You know what to expect from some restaurants driving by, but sometimes the building and especially the name might not give it away. Especially for out of towners, it is going to help knowing what some of those restaurants serve. While in Denver, it’s unique restaurant names that are going to grab your attention anyway. Here are seven featured restaurants that make the cut.

Let’s begin with Euclid Hall on 14th street. You might recognize the first dish mentioned, but see if you recognize some of the others. The first dish is chicken and waffles, which is a popular pop culture favorite in America and a good reason to go already. Then you have other dishes that Euclid Hall is known for like Pad Thai Pig Ears and Duck Poutine. One reviewer that has been there several times and likes the place calls it an Eastern European pub type place and atmosphere.

Izakaya Den sounds like a cool place don’t you think? But then again, it’s one of those places that you can’t quite figure out what to expect. Izakaya Den serves up Japanese cuisine, including sushi, and it is located on Pearl Street. That is teo Great and Unique Interesting Restaurants so far, but let’s get to looking at the rest.

There are five more to go, so let’s narrow it down by introducing two more, Acorn and Linger. First let’s look at Acorn, which is located on Brighton Boulevard. The menu there includes shrimp and grits, short ribs and butterscotch pudding. Of course there is much more than that, but let’s look now at Linger, which is located on West 30th avenue. It’s a great contemporary spot that serves up delicious sliders and more and is said to be brunch friendly.

There are three more Denver, Colorado restaurants, and the first two are True Food Kitchen and Ophelia’s. At Ophelia’s, which is located on 20th street, one of the highlights is the cornbread. When you hear the bread is special at a restaurant, doesn’t it make you want to go? True Food Kitchen is a hot spot on 2nd avenue whose menu really can’t be explained in a sentence or two. Hey, you are going for unique here, and now for the 7th Denver restaurant, which is The Delectable Egg. It obviously serves up breakfast but what a name.

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