Isaiah McKenzie emblematic of an off year for the Denver Broncos

Never in my years of watching Broncos football have I encountered a player who, despite repeated failures, managed to keep getting opportunities that absolutely kill all meager traces of momentum.

I’ll be honest, I am not a fan of Isaiah McKenzie. Earlier in the season I concluded that the only way he could play as bad as he did in 2017 was that he had to be on another team’s payroll.

Despite being poison to points and possessions, McKenzie’s real talent is Jedi mind tricking coaches to let him back onto the field. There are players on other teams who are paid far more who affect the Broncos far less than McKenzie. You can’t accidentally be this bad.

Isaiah entered the season as a hot 5th round prospect out of Georgia that dazzled in training camp. As with most things about the 2017 Broncos, great practice did not translate to quality play on the football field on game day.

PFF agreed with my assessment of his play during the season. Overall he scored a jaw-dropping 47.8 and ranked in the ‘Poor’ category. Again, one wonders why he was given so many opportunities to be so putrid.

McKenzie will enter the second year of his rookie contract in 2018.

2018 Status

McKenzie will enter training camp competing for a roster spot. I wish I could say with certainty that his place on the team will only be assured through improved play, but, especially in this case, performance is in no way an indicator of future play. I want to say that with his history, fans should expect (and hope) that he’ll be on a short leash, but there’s no guarantee of that. The only things McKenzie has going for him is that he’s cheap and the coaches seem to want him to succeed. Unfortunately for Broncos fans, that may just be enough incentive to keep him in 2018.

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