In defense of Denver City Council members’ immigration ordinance (2 letters)

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrest a suspect in Los Angeles on Feb. 17. Under a proposal by two Denver City Council members, the Denver Sheriff Department no longer would send notification to ICE when an inmate wanted on an immigration detainer is about to be released from jail.

Re: “Latest ICE-dodging proposal in Denver goes too far,” July 25 editorial.

As a Denver resident, I have been appalled and scared since the election. I’m appalled at the level of hate coming from the federal administration that I now see in this city I love so much. I feel scared of the policies that threaten to tear apart thousands more families, including my own.

As a DACA recipient, I have been able to work doing what I love, contributing to our economy. I am anxiously awaiting the fate of DACA. Meanwhile, at the local level, our city’s collaboration with Immigration and Customs Enforcement has me equally stressed.

Allowing ICE to enter schools, churches and courthouses and allowing ICE to pick up people in jail — when we know rehabilitation and a just and fair criminal justice system will always be more effective — has to end. The proposed city ordinance will do just this, and with it will come a truly safe and welcoming city for all.

Paul Yumbla, Denver

The writer is a Denver teacher and a fellow with Padres & Jóvenes Unidos.

I was frustrated to read your response to Denver City Council members Robin Kniech and Paul Lopez’s bill. To suggest that this bill is simply a knee-jerk reaction to Donald Trump is offensive and misses the bigger issue. The proposed bill is not in violation of any federal laws and repeatedly states that city officials must comply with federal law. Secondly, we’ve seen what happens when cities or states support anti-immigrant legislation in Arizona and Texas. Families are torn apart, more tax dollars are spent, anyone undocumented stops reporting crimes even when they’re the victims, and Latino people are even more the targets of racism.

Naomi W. Nishi, Denver

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