Fun Facts About the State of Colorado

It’s no secret that each location is highly unique. That means that each unique location has its own set of fun facts! In this article, we will share with you some facts about the state of Colorado, a beautiful part of the United States of America.

1. The cheeseburger was invented in the Colorado city of Denver by one Louis Ballast.

2. “Colorado” means “colored red.” The name is Spanish.

3. The longest continuous street located within the United States, Colfax Avenue, is in Denver, Colorado.

4. Colorado is the only state to have ever had three governors serve in one day.

5. Each year Colorado is host to the largest rodeo in the entire world, the Western Stock Show.

6. Colorado’s capital state building’s thirteenth step is exactly one mile above sea level. It is located in the city of Denver.

7. Colorado’s city of Pueblo is the only location within the United States where there are four recipients of the Medal of Honor who are still living.

8. The state of Colorado has almost as many dead towns as there are live ones. In fact, there are roughly 500 ghost towns spread out throughout the state. These towns are highly fascinating to not only the locals but the tourists who regularly travel to Colorado.

9. Underneath the Rocky Mountains roughly 1000 feet, which cover a portion of Colorado, lies the largest oil reserve in the world that remains untapped.

10. In the state of Colorado, it is considered illegal to ride a horse while under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.

In conclusion, Colorado is a highly unique and beautiful state within the United States. We recommend using this list of fun facts about the state to wow your friends and family about what you know.

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