Colorado man re-tried in wife’s 2001 death testifies for 1st time

Jennifer Blagg, left, Michael Blagg and Abigail Blagg CBS Denver

GOLDEN, Colo. – A Colorado man being re-tried in his wife’s murder denies any involvement in her death or their daughter’s disappearance.

Michael Blagg took the stand Tuesday, something he didn’t do during his first trial, CBS Denver reports.

He told jurors in Golden that he came home from work in November 2001, and was "very distressed that something horrible had happened" when he found a blood-soaked mattress in the couple’s bedroom.

There were no signs of his wife, Jennifer Blagg, or their 6-year-old daughter, Abby.

Blagg said he called 911 to report Jennifer and Abby missing, but said on cross-examination that he didn’t search for them in the house first.

Several months later, Jennifer Blagg’s body was found in a landfill near refuse from the company where Michael Blagg worked. Abby was never found.

Blagg testified that he had attempted suicide a few months after his wife and daughter disappeared, because he was told there was no hope of finding them alive, and because he was being targeted by investigators.

Blagg also said that he and his wife had arguments over their use of pornography to aid their sex life– but that there was no reason for the marriage to end, reports CBS Denver.

On Monday, Blagg’s defense team said hairs were found in the couple’s bed that did not belong to either Michael or Jennifer.

Blagg was found guilty of murder in 2004 in Mesa County but his conviction was later overturned because a juror concealed her experience with domestic violence.

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