All About The History of Denver, Colorado

In this article, we will discuss the history of Denver, Colorado. In the summer of 1858 during the Gold Rush, a prospector named Lawrence Kansas established Montana City. Along the South Platte River in the Western Kansas territory, the first settlement was made. The area quickly grew during the Gold Rush, bringing many prospectors into it. On November 22nd, 1858, the bluff was claimed that overlooks the South Plateau River and turned into a mining settlement. Later the Colorado territory was formed in February, and Denver was incorporated later on November 7th, 1861.

Between the year of 1880 and 1895, the city experienced a large raise in the crime rate, as mob bosses were born and officials were elected to combat these huge crime rings. Gambling, stealing, and other illegal activity flooded this area during this time. Sometime after that, the government got control of this growth in crime and the crime rate seemed to drop to a normal level.

Denver, Colorado overlooks the Rocky Mountains which brought an influx of income due to the tourist attraction that was these beautiful mountains. Later in the 20th century, Denver, Colorado continued to grow as a city, and became known as the state’s capital. In the year of 1976 Denver was chosen to host the Winter Olympics, but in November of 1972 Colorado’s pole struck down the ballot and public funds to pay for the high cost of the games.

In conclusion, Denver, Colorado is deeply ingrained with lots of history. If you would like to learn more about the history of this great city, we suggest venturing online and completing a little bit of research. This will give you a better understanding of the rich culture Denver, Colorado holds and the fun historical significance it bears.

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