10 Fun Facts About Denver, Colorado

Denver is the capital of the American state Colorado. And there are a variety of wonderful facts about this city that you may not have known about. In this article, we will share with you 10 fun facts about Denver, Colorado.

1. The first person to trademark the cheeseburger, one Louis Ballast, lived in Denver.

2. Denver, Colorado is responsible for the brewing of more beer than any other location in the nation. In fact, over 200 varieties of beer are brewed on a daily basis.

3. The state capitol located in Denver is plated with actual 24K gold. The inside contains Colorado Rose Onyx, and the entire world’s supply went into the construction of the building.

4. Denver houses more baby boomers than any other city located in the United States.

5. Denver sits at the elevation of exactly one mile (5280 feet), earning the city the nickname of the Mile High City.

6. The famous Blue Mustang sculpture (which is slightly eerie in appearance anyway) is rumored to be cursed. The sculptor died in a freak accident after a piece of the sculpture itself fell on his leg and severed an artery. This fact has earned the sculpture nicknames such as, “Blucifer” and “Devil Horse.” Creepy, to say the least!

7. There are more marijuana dispensaries located in Denver than there are Starbucks stores in the city (marijuana is legal in Colorado).

8. The very first Chipotle Mexican Grill was established in the city of Denver, Colorado.

9. Denver enjoys, on average, 300 sunshine-filled days per year, making it one of the sunniest cities within the United States.

10. In the city of Denver, it is against the law to lend your neighbor your vacuum cleaner. Strange!

In conclusion, Denver is a wonderful and unique city full of fun facts. Use this list to impress your friends with what you know about the capital of Colorado.

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